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Job title: Assistant Professor
Department: Department of Food Science and Technology
Degree: Doctor
Major: 海洋科学

Research Interests 【 display / non-display

  • うま味

  • アミノ酸

  • タンパク質

  • SDGs

  • サステナブルシーフード

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Research Areas 【 display / non-display

  • Life Science / Aquatic life science


Papers 【 display / non-display

  • Multilayer gelatin/myofibrillar films containing clove essential oil: Properties, protein-phenolic interactions, and migration of active compounds

    Jiang, J., Watowita, P. S. M. S. L., Chen, R., Shi, Y., Geng, J. T., Takahashi, K., & Osako, K. , 2022.03

    Food Packaging and Shelf Life

  • Effects of various organic salts on the properties of edible films prepared from North Pacific krill (Euphausia pacifica) protein

    Nail Ucyol, Jie-Ting Geng, Kigen Takahashi, Kazufumi Osako , 2022.03

    Food Science and Technology Research

  • Effects of tyndallization temperature on the sterility and quality of kamaboko

    Sumate Keratimanoch, Kigen Takahashi, Takashi Kuda, Emiko Okazaki, Jie-Ting Geng, Kazufumi Osako , 2022.01

    Food Chemistry

  • Long-term suppression of suwari phenomenon for improvement in the manufacturing process of surimi gel product

    Yusa NAKAMURA, Shota TAKAHASHI, Kigen TAKAHASHI , 2021.11


  • Study on salinity penetration process into fish meat by simulation and MRI

    Lester C. Geonzon, Hannah A. Yuson, Kigen Takahashi, Shingo Matsukawa , 2021.05

    Fisheries Science

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Books 【 display / non-display

  • 魚食革命『津本式と熟成【目利き/熟成法/レシピ】』

    津本 光弘, 白山 洸, 保野 淳, 最上 翔, 高橋希元 , 2020.10


  • 魚食革命『津本式 究極の血抜き』完全版

    高橋希元(担当箇所のみ) , 2020.01


  • 魚肉内在性プロテアーゼ-最新の生化学と食品加工への応用

    髙橋希元, 岡﨑惠美子, 大迫一史 , 2016.03

    恒星社厚生閣 , 第5章 魚肉内在性プロテアーゼの加熱ゲル形成能への影響 , 72-86


Lesson Subject 【 display / non-display

  • Lesson Subject(Undergraduate)


  • Freshman Seminar

  • Basic Chemistry

  • Chemistry: Fundamental Experiments

  • Graduation Thesis

  • Introduction to Japanese Fisheries

  • Advanced Program for Self-development on Food Science and Technology

  • Fundamental Food Chemistry Labs

  • Food Chemistry Laboratory

  • Physicochemical Properties of Food

  • Training in Food Science and Technology

  • Introductry Labs for Food Science and Technology

  • Lesson Subject(Graduate School)

    Special Seminar in Food Science

  • Research in Food Science

  • Advanced Physicochemical Properties of Food

  • Advanced Physico-chemistry of Food