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FUTAMI Kunihiko

Job title: Associate Professor
Department: Department of Marine Biosciences
Degree: Doctor (fisheries science)
Major: 水産学


Researcher ID 産学・地域連携推進機構 研究者総覧データベース Researchmap

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  • Life Science / Aquatic life science


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  • Lack of a p16INK4a/ARF locus in fish genome may underlie senescence resistance in the fish cell line, EPC

    Kunihiko Futami, Shunichi Sato, Masashi Maita, Takayuki Katagiri , 2022.04

    Developmental & Comparative Immunology

  • Increased expression of hras induces early, but not full, senescence in the immortal fish cell line, EPC

    Futami K, Aoyama K, Fukuda K, Maita M, Katagiri T , 2021.01


  • Application of melanin bleaching and fluorescent nuclear staining for whole-body clearing and imaging in fish

    Kunihiko Futami, Oto Furukawa, Masashi Maita and Takayuki Katagiri , 2020.01


  • DNA demethylation with 5-aza-2'-deoxycytidine induces the senescence-associated secretory phenotype in the immortal fish cell line, EPC

    Futami K, Maita M, Katagiri T , 2019.05


  • Distribution of class IId bacteriocin-producing Virgibacillus salexigens in various environments.

    Omachi H, Terahara T, Futami K, Kawato S, Imada C, Kamei K, Waku T, Kondo A, Naganuma T, Agustini TW, Kobayashi T , 2021.06

    World J Microbiol Biotechnol

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Books 【 display / non-display

  • AQUA DNABook™

    長谷川理,岡本信明,河合純,林崎良英 編 , 2004.08

    独立行政法人 理化学研究所 ゲノム科学総合研究センター , 1 , 0-0


Lesson Subject 【 display / non-display

  • Lesson Subject(Undergraduate)

    Fish Pharmacology

  • Lesson Subject(Graduate School)

    Fish Pathophysiology

  • Food Safety Management of Fisheries Products