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FUTAMI Kunihiko

Job title: Associate Professor
Department: Department of Marine Biosciences
Degree: Doctor (fisheries science)
Major: 水産学


Researcher ID 産学・地域連携推進機構 研究者総覧データベース Researchmap

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  • Life Science / Aquatic life science


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  • Lack of a p16INK4a/ARF locus in fish genome may underlie senescence resistance in the fish cell line, EPC

    Kunihiko Futami, Shunichi Sato, Masashi Maita, Takayuki Katagiri , 2022.04

    Developmental & Comparative Immunology

  • Increased expression of hras induces early, but not full, senescence in the immortal fish cell line, EPC

    Futami K, Aoyama K, Fukuda K, Maita M, Katagiri T , 2021.01


  • Application of melanin bleaching and fluorescent nuclear staining for whole-body clearing and imaging in fish

    Kunihiko Futami, Oto Furukawa, Masashi Maita and Takayuki Katagiri , 2020.01


  • DNA demethylation with 5-aza-2'-deoxycytidine induces the senescence-associated secretory phenotype in the immortal fish cell line, EPC

    Futami K, Maita M, Katagiri T , 2019.05


  • Effects of humic acid supplemented feeds on growth performance, hematological parameters and antioxidant capacity on common carp (Cyprinus carpio)

    Çoban N., Haga Y., Maita M., Futami K., Yılmaz S., Ergün S., Yiğit M., Seong T., Oktay O., & Katagiri T , 2024.06

    Marine Reports

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Books 【 display / non-display

  • AQUA DNABook™

    長谷川理,岡本信明,河合純,林崎良英 編 , 2004.08

    独立行政法人 理化学研究所 ゲノム科学総合研究センター , 1 , 0-0


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  • Lesson Subject(Undergraduate)

    Fish Pharmacology

  • Lesson Subject(Graduate School)

    Fish Pathophysiology

  • Food Safety Management of Fisheries Products