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Job title: Professor
Department: Department of Marine Biosciences
Degree: Doctor
Major: 農学

Educational research activities introduction

※It is a PDF that summarizes educational research activities. It is mainly information for junior high school students, high school students, their parents, general people who wish to take an exam.


Researcher ID 産学・地域連携推進機構 研究者総覧データベース Researchmap


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  • Temporal variation of radionuclide contamination of marine plants on the Fukushima coast after the east Japan nuclear disaster

    Y.Shigeoka, H.Myose, S.Akiyama, A.Matsumoto, N.Hirakawa, H.Ohashi, K.Higuchi, H.Arakawa , 2019.07

    Environmental Science & Technology

  • 中層・底層定置網の海亀脱出装置から漁獲対象種は逸出するのか?

    塩澤舞香、塩出大輔、秋山清二、胡 夫祥、東海 正,平井良夫 , 2019.03


  • Influence of behavioral patterns of several fish species on their radioactive cesium concentrations revealed with a biotelemetry system after the nuclear accident caused by the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake

    K.Uchida, K.Hasegawa, Y.Miyamoto, H.Arakawa, S.Akiyama, N.Hirakawa , 2019.02

    Human and Natural Impacts on our Seas. Oceanography Challenges to Future Eart

  • 定置網に入網したクロマグロ小型魚の放流方法と生残率

    秋山清二,泉澤光紀,高田将平,野呂英樹 , 2018.09


  • 超音波テレメトリーを用いた定置網内のクロマグロ小型魚とブリの行動モニタリング

    内田圭一,小川大道,長谷川浩平,宮本佳則,野呂英樹,和田由香,秋山清二 , 2017.09


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Books 【 display / non-display

  • 新・英和和英水産学用語辞典

    金子豊二他40名 , 2017.09

    恒星社厚生閣 , 「漁具・漁法」に関する用語担当 , 0-0

  • 水産海洋ハンドブック第3版

    竹内俊郎他編 , 2016.09

    生物研究社 , 4.13.5「定置網」 , 280-282

  • 現代の水産学

    有元貴文,秋山清二 , 1994.09

    恒星社厚生閣 , 第1章第2項「漁法と魚群行動」担当 , 12-23


Lesson Subject 【 display / non-display

  • Lesson Subject(Undergraduate)

    Fishing Gear and Methods

  • Fishing Science and Technology, Field practicing

  • Fish Behavior

  • Lesson Subject(Graduate School)

    Special Seminar in Fisheries Biology

  • Research in Fisheries Biology

  • Fish Behavior Dynamics

  • Advanced Fish Behavior Dynamics

  • Fish Behavior Dynamics