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Job title: Associate Professor
Department: Department of Logistics and Information Engineering
Degree: Doctor (Statistical Science)
Major: Informatics / Statistical science



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  • 信用リスク

  • 統計科学

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  • Humanities & Social Sciences / Money and finance  / 信用リスク


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  • Estimation of the time of exposure based on interval and censored data using the <i>ε</i>‐accelerated EM algorithm

    Daisuke Yoneoka, Takayuki Kawashima, Yuta Tanoue, Shuhei Nomura, Akifumi Eguchi , 2023.08

    Statistics in Medicine

  • Estimating global changes in routine childhood vaccination coverage during the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020-2021

    Cyrus Ghaznavi, Akifumi Eguchi, Kaung Suu Lwin, Daisuke Yoneoka, Yuta Tanoue, Rauniyar Santosh Kumar, Sayaka Horiuchi, Masahiro Hashizume, Shuhei Nomura , 2023.05


  • Changes in cerebrovascular disease-related deaths and their location during the COVID-19 pandemic in Japan

    Shuhei Nomura, Akifumi Eguchi, Cyrus Ghaznavi, Lisa Yamasaki, Santosh Kumar Rauniyar, Yuta Tanoue, Takayuki Kawashima, Daisuke Yoneoka, Shun Kohsaka, Motoi Suzuki, Masahiro Hashizume , 2023.03

    Public Health

  • Effect of the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games on COVID-19 incidence in Japan: a synthetic control approach.

    Daisuke Yoneoka, Akifumi Eguchi, Kentato Fukumoto, Takayuki Kawashima, Yuta Tanoue, Takahiro Tabuchi, Hiroaki Miyata, Cyrus Ghaznavi, Kenji Shibuya, Shuhei Nomura , 2022.09

    BMJ open

  • Effect of the COVID-19 Pandemic and State of Emergency Declarations on the Relative Incidence of Legionellosis and Invasive Pneumococcal Disease in Japan.

    Cyrus Ghaznavi, Masahiro Ishikane, Daisuke Yoneoka, Yuta Tanoue, Takayuki Kawashima, Akifumi Eguchi, Shuhei Nomura , 2022.09

    Journal of infection and chemotherapy : official journal of the Japan Society of Chemotherapy

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