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Job title: Professor
Department: Department of Food Science and Technology
Degree: Doctor
Major: 農学

Educational research activities introduction

※It is a PDF that summarizes educational research activities. It is mainly information for junior high school students, high school students, their parents, general people who wish to take an exam.


Researcher ID 産学・地域連携推進機構 研究者総覧データベース Researchmap


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  • Heat-denatured lysozyme could be a novel disinfectant for reducing hepatitis A virus and murine norovirus on berry fruit

    Takahashi, M., Okakura, Y., Takahashi, H., (...), Kuda, T., Kimura, B. , 2018.08

    International Journal of Food Microbiology

  • Effects of rice bran and fermented rice bran suspensions on caecal microbiota in dextran sodium sulphate-induced inflammatory bowel disease model mice

    Shibayama, J., Kuda, T., Shikano, A., (...), Kimura, B., Ishizaki, S. , 2018.08

    Food Bioscience

  • Bacterial and fungal microbiota in traditional Bangladeshi fermented milk products analysed by culture-dependent and culture-independent methods

    Nahidul-Islam, S.M., Kuda, T., Takahashi, H., Kimura, B. , 2018.08

    Food Research International

  • Susceptibility of gut indigenous lactic acid bacteria in BALB/c mice to oral administered Lactobacillus plantarum

    Kuda, T., Yokota, Y., Haraguchi, Y., Takahashi, H., Kimura, B. , 2018.08

    International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition

  • Inactivating effect of heat-denatured lysozyme on murine norovirus in bread fillings

    Takahashi, M., Yasuda, Y., Takahashi, H., (...), Kuda, T., Kimura, B. , 2018.08

    Journal of the Food Hygienic Society of Japan

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Books 【 display / non-display

  • 食品衛生検査指針微生物編2015

    木村 凡 , 2015.04

    , 低温で発育する微生物 , 213-217

  • 食品の腐敗と微生物

    木村 凡 , 2012.09

    幸書房 , 包装による食品貯蔵 , 163-170

  • 海の環境微生物学

    木村 凡 , 2011.08

    恒星社厚生閣 , 浸透圧 , 46-48

  • 食品微生物学辞典

    木村 凡 , 2010.08

    中央法規 , 真空包装、鮮度保持剤、脱酸素剤、DNAプローブ法、リアルタイムPCR法、従属栄養砂金など多数項目 , 0-0

  • 食品安全の事典

    木村 凡 , 2009.08

    朝倉書店 , ガス置換包装 , 557-560

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Lesson Subject 【 display / non-display

  • Lesson Subject(Undergraduate)

    Microbiology in Food Hygiene

  • Laboratory Exercises in Food Microbiology

  • Lesson Subject(Graduate School)

    Control of Food Spoilage and Pathogenic Microorganisms

  • Advanced Food Microbiology

  • Basic Food Microbiology