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SATOH Shuichi

Job title: Professor
Department: Department of Marine Biosciences
Degree: Ph.D.
Major: Aquatic life science


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Researcher ID 産学・地域連携推進機構 研究者総覧データベース Researchmap

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  • Aquatic life science


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  • Dietary citrulline improves survival of rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss juveniles challenged with Vibrio anguillarum

    I.A.Fauzi, Y.Haga, H.Kondo, I.Hirono, S.Satoh , 2020.11


  • Flatfishes colonised freshwater environments by acquisition of various DHA biosynthetic pathways

    Y.Matsushita, K.Miyoshi, N.Kabeya, S.Sanada, R.Yazawa, Y.Haga, S.Satoh, Y.Yamamoto, A.Strussmann, J.A.Luchenbach, G.Yoshizaki , 2020

    Communications Biology

  • Utilization of combined extruded soybean and corn gluten meals as feed ingredients for juvenile rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss diet

    R.Santizo-Taan, Y.Haga, S.Satoh , 2020

    Aquaculture Research

  • Non-fish meal, non-fish oil diet development for red sea bream, Pagrus major, with plant protein and graded levels of Schizochytrium sp.: Effect on growth and fatty acid composition

    T.G.Seong, R.Kitagima, Y.Haga, S.Satoh , 2020

    Aquaculture Nutrition

  • Effect of graded levels of taurine supplementation to non-fishmeal diet on growth, nutrient digestibility, intestinal morphology and cytokines gene expression of juvenile red seabream, Pagrus major

    F.Li, Y.Haga, H.Kondo, I.Hirono, S.Satoh , 2019.12

    Aquaculture Science

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Books 【 display / non-display

  • 新版・魚病学概論 (分担、編者 小川和夫・飯田貴次)、栄養性疾病

    S.Satoh , 2020.09

    恒星社厚生閣 , 第8章 栄養性疾病 , P139-150 第8章

  • Investigación y Desarrollo en Nutrición Acuícola,  Taurine synthesis in teleosts-importance of cysteamine pathway

    Y.Haga, T.Itoh, M.M.Gonzales, H.Kondo, I.Hirono, S.Satoh , 2017

    Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León, San Nicolás de los Garza, Nuevo León, México

  • A Handbook on Fisheries Science

    佐藤秀一, 竹内俊郎 , 2016.03

    生物研究者 , 全般 , 368-382

  • Feed and Feeding practices in Aquaculture (編者 D.A.Davis)

    S.Satoh and S.S.Herath , 2015.09

    Woodhead Publishing Co., , 15. Environmental impact of phosphorus and nitrogen from aquaculture. , 369-386

  • 増補改訂版 養殖の餌と水  -影の主役たち

    佐藤秀一 , 2014.10

    恒星者厚生閣 , 魚の栄養と飼料 , 2-15

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  • Lesson Subject(Undergraduate)

    Fish Nutrition

  • Lesson Subject(Graduate School)

    Advanced Research in Applied Bioscience

  • Special Seminar in Aquatic Bioscience

  • Research in Aquatic Bioscience

  • Advanced Aquatic Animal Nutrition and Aqua-feed Development

  • Aquatic Feed Technology